A Fit Fan and Friend

Alison (Al, as I affectionately call her) and I met in 6th grade but became the best of friends 8th grade – likely in a Darwinistic survival tactic for surviving middle school. We’ve kept in touch throughout the years, but found our true common ground again back in 2015 when Al encouraged me to try weight lifting when I was going through some difficulties and stress at my job. I immediately took to it and have looked to Alison as somewhat of an Exercise Yoda through my journey with fitness since then. Having questioned my own relationship with alcohol at times, Al has shared so openly and honestly about her own struggles and brought a bit of normality to something scary so many of us struggle with to various degrees. One of the things we’ve discussed before is the tendency we both have to do something 0% or 5,309,338%. Alcohol has served as a focus for Alison in her past, but I am inspired daily by her desire and ability to now focus herself five billion percent on the things she does for herself instead: exercise, her family, and other passions she pursues. I was so honored to be asked to give a brief glimpse into all of the beautiful and wonderful things I see in Alison and am so excited to watch her dreams come to fruition.