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After the victory (of sobriety)…

How do you know you've heard an awesome message at church (or a seminar, support group, professional meeting, etc.)? Simple- you cannot stop thinking about it, AND you want to keep applying said message to your own life. About a month ago I heard a sermon at our family's church that really sparked some thoughts… Continue reading After the victory (of sobriety)…

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Mocktail of the month (December)

One of my absolute favorite cocktails to drink when I wanted to be fancy around the holiday season was a chocolate martini. I called it my "Big Girl Chocolate Milk." I have a lot of fond memories tied to those martinis because those were drinks I could and would actually sip and enjoy with close… Continue reading Mocktail of the month (December)

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My top 7: fitness gear for at-home workouts

This post contains affiliate links, which are products or services that provide compensation if purchased through the listed link. I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I only share products I genuinely love… Continue reading My top 7: fitness gear for at-home workouts

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The day I knew it was time to get sober… for good!

I've written this post a million times in my head and once as a draft only to be permanently deleted. I just haven't felt ready to share "The Day." But I can't stop thinking "Why, Alison? What is holding you back from sharing your story?" I started this blog to share my sobriety journey, to… Continue reading The day I knew it was time to get sober… for good!

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Mocktail of the month (November)

This year's holiday season is on full-blast, don't ya think?! Target appears to have forgotten there is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas, given that the North Pole set up shop at the stroke of midnight on November 1st. Commercials are already belting out Christmas tunes and cheer. And ugly sweaters are EVERYWHERE! C'mon, people!… Continue reading Mocktail of the month (November)