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How to Bounce Back Stronger After Recovery

The following post is a collaboration piece that shares some great insight on how come back stronger from recovery.  This recovery might be taking its toll on you, and you might be finding it difficult to stay positive. But that doesn’t mean that you should just give up and accept defeat. If anything, this should… Continue reading How to Bounce Back Stronger After Recovery

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Addiction: The Basics

The following is a collaboration piece that provides some foundational information regarding addiction. Addiction is a sprawling topic and something that we are still coming to understand as a society, so it would be impossible to tackle every single aspect of the topic in a single post. However, we can start out by addressing the… Continue reading Addiction: The Basics

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Mocktail of the month (June)

With summer upon us, I definitely wanted to mix up a drink that was oh-so-refreshing, and for some reason, lemonade sounded good. But I didn't want just plain lemonade. I wanted a fruity little twist, and decided on strawberries simply because we had a TON of them in our fridge. What was created has been… Continue reading Mocktail of the month (June)

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Mocktail of the month (May)

This month's mocktail was spurred by my intense craving for melons! Seeing melons in the grocery store around this time of the year always makes my mouth water, especially honeydew! Therefore, there was no question on what this month's drink would center around. Once again, I just played around with what was in the fridge… Continue reading Mocktail of the month (May)