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Merriest of Christmases to YOU!

How has this beautiful and joyful day been for you? Did Santa bring you everything you hoped for? Were you able to spend time with family or chat from afar? Today has been pretty magical around our household. Santa was very kind to all of us this year, and he did especially well with our… Continue reading Merriest of Christmases to YOU!

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A day in my fit-ish life…

Way back in 2003, I entered college with the dream of starting my own magazine, a women's (health and wellness) magazine. Obviously I took a much different path, but I still LOVE magazines! Something about being able to combine flashy pictures, quick content, stories, news, tips, etc. all into a pretty little read is so… Continue reading A day in my fit-ish life…

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Traveling (with young kids) humbles the soul.

This past week, our family of five packed up the van and headed north to a secluded-ish cabin in Oregon. Our main mission was to visit Crater Lake (see featured photo and Google the history...amazing!!). We also wanted to introduce the kiddos to fishing and running wild in a woods setting. My mission was to… Continue reading Traveling (with young kids) humbles the soul.