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Kicking social anxiety to the curb: my experience at the She Recovers Sacred Pause Saturday

Towards the end of last year, I realized I was ready to amp up my recovery game by making more connections...Β in-person. As someone who struggles a great deal with social anxiety, I knew this was a demon I was not only ready to face but to punch in-the-face. Drinking and anxiety always went hand-in-hand for… Continue reading Kicking social anxiety to the curb: my experience at the She Recovers Sacred Pause Saturday

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Coping with a stressful season… sober.

Lately life has been BUSY! Like too busy. After I got done doing all my cartwheels from celebrating my first year of sobriety, I sat back down to reality---> stay-at-home-mom life + intermittent single-mom-mode + three BRUTAL courses for my current masters program. Folks, I've been on the STRUGGLE BUS! Don't panic, though! Booze is… Continue reading Coping with a stressful season… sober.

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Merriest of Christmases to YOU!

How has this beautiful and joyful day been for you? Did Santa bring you everything you hoped for? Were you able to spend time with family or chat from afar? Today has been pretty magical around our household. Santa was very kind to all of us this year, and he did especially well with our… Continue reading Merriest of Christmases to YOU!

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A day in my fit-ish life…

Way back in 2003, I entered college with the dream of starting my own magazine, a women's (health and wellness) magazine. Obviously I took a much different path, but I still LOVE magazines! Something about being able to combine flashy pictures, quick content, stories, news, tips, etc. all into a pretty little read is so… Continue reading A day in my fit-ish life…

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A newfound attitude of gratitude

Something has shifted inside of me the last few weeks. My anxious voice is not as loud. I pause a lot more. I soak up little moments like never before. My smile has enhanced, even when no one is looking. And I realize- I'm overcome with gratitude. I am so grateful for my life TODAY!… Continue reading A newfound attitude of gratitude