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It’s been awhile…

It's been awhile since I've taken the time to share in this space, to share what life looks like at 622 days sober. It's been awhile since I've even had to luxury to slow down enough to reflect and put into full sentences where I'm at today vs. 623 days ago. It's been an even… Continue reading It’s been awhile…

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The Liebster Award! :)

  Time has gotten away from me on this lovely news, but I was graciously nominated for the for the Liebster Award by not one- but two- fellow bloggers! Awards like these in the blogging world are pretty special (and fun!) because it means 1) people have found your blog amongst alllll the blogs out… Continue reading The Liebster Award! ๐Ÿ™‚

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New year. New intentions.

The other morning I went to the dentist for my bi-annual cleaning, and the hygienist enthusiastically asked me if I had any New Year's resolutions. If she wasn't simultaneously scraping, spraying, and sucking junk out of my mouth, I would've attempted to answer. However, I just shook my head. Honestly, even if I could've answered,… Continue reading New year. New intentions.

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FALL in love with you…IG #photochallenge

Despite the 90ยบ weather here in Cali, Fall is in the air! Fall is by far my favorite time of the year! I love all things pumpkin, cozy clothes, rockin' boots, warm drinks, Halloween decor, earlier sunsets, and the anticipation of (romantic but not kid-friendly) fires in the fireplace. There's just something so peaceful about… Continue reading FALL in love with you…IG #photochallenge

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Blogger Recognition Award!

Last week, I was nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award by a stellar (and hilarious) fellow blogger- Jennifer ofย Blessed Mess Mama. She's a wife, mama of two, baker, and sober sister, like me! Her blog is full of very entertaining stories about motherhood, baking with a healthy twist, and sobriety. Definitely check her out! So… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award!