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New year. New intentions.

The other morning I went to the dentist for my bi-annual cleaning, and the hygienist enthusiastically asked me if I had any New Year's resolutions. If she wasn't simultaneously scraping, spraying, and sucking junk out of my mouth, I would've attempted to answer. However, I just shook my head. Honestly, even if I could've answered,… Continue reading New year. New intentions.

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FALL in love with you…IG #photochallenge

Despite the 90ΒΊ weather here in Cali, Fall is in the air! Fall is by far my favorite time of the year! I love all things pumpkin, cozy clothes, rockin' boots, warm drinks, Halloween decor, earlier sunsets, and the anticipation of (romantic but not kid-friendly) fires in the fireplace. There's just something so peaceful about… Continue reading FALL in love with you…IG #photochallenge

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Blogger Recognition Award!

Last week, I was nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award by a stellar (and hilarious) fellow blogger- Jennifer ofΒ Blessed Mess Mama. She's a wife, mama of two, baker, and sober sister, like me! Her blog is full of very entertaining stories about motherhood, baking with a healthy twist, and sobriety. Definitely check her out! So… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award!