About Me

Who am I?  Well, that’s a question I’ve had swirling in my head for years… However, I think I can nail it down to a few concrete answers for you:

  • Grateful daughter of God
  • Wife of a handsome, witty, and supportive Air Force pilot
  • Mommy to three crazy, fun-loving little people (Kylie-5, Samuel-4, and Aaron-2)
  • Fitness fanatic and advocate
  • Sober adventurer
  • Dreamer of BIG dreams

As you find me, life has me taking a new course. I’m leaving the professional world to take on the scariest of jobs (to me)…. staying home full-time with my kiddos! I’m also doing this SOBER!

After a final wake-up call in January of 2017 (you can read the full story HERE), I decided to break up with the bottle- FOR GOOD. No more “Wine o’clock” for me, but also, no more numbly stumbling through life. I’m FREE! I’m living my best life, which is better than I could have ever imagined. Good days, bad days, and in-between- I’m present. I’m hopeful. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m happy. I’m perfectly imperfect ME!

Sure hope you’ll come watch (aka read) my personal journey of sobriety, serenity, and much needed strength.



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