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The Dangers of Drinking: Beyond The Toxins

The following is a collaboration piece submitted to me that highlights some great reasons why alcohol can be oh-so-dangerous. 

Alcohol is a toxin, quite literally a poison to our bodies. We all know that drinking too much can lead to liver damage, cancers, heart issues and diabetes amongst other things. But there are plenty more dangers that come along with drinking, which is why gaining sobriety is so important if you’re struggling with alcohol. Here are some of the ways alcohol can be dangerous, beyond the effects to our body.



According to the CDC, almost thirty percent of car accidents were caused by drunk drivers. Even if you’re firmly against getting behind the wheel after a drink, some people can get so drunk that they don’t even realize what they’re doing. Of course, being in this state is almost certainly going to lead to an accident. Other accidents can occur due to alcohol due to slips, trips and falls. People trying to use tools or machinery under the influence are other examples. While intoxicated, there’s a high chance of you becoming injured as you’re not thinking rationally and your motor skills are impaired. Along with a false sense of confidence where your inhibitions are dulled and people frequently hurt themselves, because life changing injuries or even die as a result of being hurt under the influence. Imagine waking up in an urgent care centre and realizing what you’d done- especially if others had been hurt in the process.

Contagious diseases

Along with lowered inhibitions can come promiscuity, and when you’re not making rational judgements it can lead to unsafe sex. Along with this can come unwanted pregnancies as well as diseases– some which can only be treated and never fully cured.

Violent attacks

Being intoxicated makes us vulnerable. We’re disorientated, our reactions are slow and we’re generally in a position where others can take advantage. We might make choices we wouldn’t normally, such as walking down back alleys or through unsafe neighborhoods as a shortcut, and get ourselves into all kinds of issues. Violent attacks, muggings, rape and other attacks can all increase when a person is drunk as they’re more of an easy target.

Losing your support network

In some ways, this can be the most dangerous of all. Excessive alcohol consumption and addiction can push people away, if you’ve stolen, taken advantage of and upset loved ones due to your addiction then you can quickly end up with no support around you. This can lead to a spiral of more drinking, more risky behaviours and the feeling of having ‘nothing to lose.’ It can worsen mental health conditions and generally make everything so much worse. People can find that they end up with a bad crowd once they’ve lost those close to them which can be a slippery slope to more drinking and even crime.

Alcohol damage in the body is significant already, but it’s not the only way it can hurt a person. If you, or someone you know is struggling, reach out and take the first step by getting help.




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