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The Community Behind Getting Yourself Sober

The following is a collaboration piece that shares some of the wonderful ways to connect with people in the sober community. 

When people are struggling with an addiction, they will often feel as if they are trapped in a bubble which only they have experienced. With few people understanding the issues you’ve faced, it will be hard to relate to those on the outside of it, and this only makes it easier to sink into the negative side of habits. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the communities of people helping one another to find sobriety, giving you the chance to work on your own potential drinking problems today.

Support Groups

Going through the process of quitting drinking is always much easier when you are taking steps with other people. You will be able to share your experiences, using one another to better understand the issues you’re facing, while also using the support you get to make yourself feel better. Finding groups like this will usually have to be done through a medical professional. If you talk to your doctor about your drinking habits, they will be able to refer to a group like this, along with a professional in the medical field who will have the skills to offer advice in this area. Of course, while this may feel overwhelming, it will be worth throwing yourself in as deeply as possible.

Online Groups

Along with the people you can meet in person, there are also loads of groups which can be found online. Websites like Reddit are great for this, making it easy for groups of people to connect over common issues in an environment with very little judgement. Likewise, blogs can also have a similar appeal, though you won’t get quite as much interaction in spaces like this. This sort of route won’t work for everyone. You won’t have people to hold you accountable if you break the rules when you go with this, whereas support groups will make it easier to ensure that someone is always watching your back.

Fanbase Groups

This next option will sound a little bit weird to some people. In the world of public speaking and self-help, there are a lot of figures who have proven themselves as experts in their field. For example, you can learn how to quit drinking from an expert like Craig Beck, all while going through the process making friends with other people on the same path. Having someone to look up to can be very helpful when you’re feeling alone. Of course, though, you will still have to rely on yourself, as these people can only offer advice, with the real work being done when you get up each morning.

With all of this in mind, you should have a much better idea of where you can go when you’re looking for support in this side of your life. A lot of people struggle with this, going through the motions and trying to quit their addiction by themselves. Getting sober doesn’t have to be a personal victory, though, as there are loads of people out there to help you.



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