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The Power of Physical Self Care

The following is a collaboration piece that provides some great insight as far as tending to our physical self-care. 

The mind and body are inextricably linked.  Some argue the mind controls the body, though it would appear the two work in tandem as one unit – meaning, your body can affect your mind just as much as your mind can affect your body.

If you want to feel good on the inside and outside, it can pay to start taking care of your physical self… for the benefits of this exponentially expand into the emotional and mental planes of your life.

The challenge, however, is that sometimes we put off physical self care due to feeling lazy and lethargic when it comes to exercise, or the fear of what we might find when it comes to health check ups.

With regard to the latter, it’s important to realize that the earlier something is detected the more treatable it is – and therefore, early diagnosis (which means early testing is a prerequisite) can lead to a much better outcome.  

The challenge, however, is that we are often in the position where we would prefer to worry about something and not do anything about it, facing the stress that comes from uncertainty with the possibility that there’s nothing to worry about rather than risk the certainty of knowing there’s something to worry about, even though that would put you in a more empowered position to treat it – and could alleviate your worry altogether, as you might get the all clear.

Interestingly, our brains are wired to ensure our survival, and a large component of that is to ensure we keep away from the things we fear – even though, the things we fear in this sense are the very things we need to undertake to ensure our survival.

Have you noticed how when it comes to your eye care, for instance, there’s not usually much fear associated with this as eye tests are painless and reasonably pleasant – but blood tests, or dental exams tend to leave people putting them off for as long as they can, often neglecting their state of health and physical self care as a result.

The challenge with this, is that it leaves a lot of “incompletes” and “uncertainties” in our life, and the more incompletes you have the more stressed you will feel – even if they are buried deep beneath the surface and not thought of, your subconscious mind knows they are there and can sense there are tasks left untackled – meaning it creates an internal state of stress.  

Then, when it comes to the uncertainties, such as not going to get a lump tested with the doctor, it leaves us in a state of anxiety and can be a very ungrounding experience – meaning the more of these uncertainties you have in your life, the less emotionally grounded and stable you will feel.

In this sense, the power of physical self care, particularly in the context of getting to the doctor’s and ensuring you keep on top of your health check-ups can have a huge affect on your emotional wellbeing.



1 thought on “The Power of Physical Self Care”

  1. I so tend to fall by the physical wayside this time of year … it gets dark early and its cold and rainy much of the time. I hate to say it, but I really get hit with winter laziness. I just called my 83 year-old mother and she’d just returned from a long walk in the cold … raincoat, umbrella and all. Embarrassing that I can’t keep up with her.


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