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A little boost of happiness

The following is a collaboration piece that shares some great ways to boost your mood and happiness.

Sometimes we just need a little boost of happiness, especially at this time of year. The seasons are changing, the nights are getting darker, and that bitter air that we just know is about to come is all too daunting. In fact, this is the time of year where so many people around the world suffer with seasonal affective disorder, where the change of season literally does affect your mode to the point where you feel down in the dumps. Not a nice place to be in, we know. Whether you know you’re going to get SAD or not, you still might need a little boost of happiness in your life, and that’s what we’re here to help you with. There’s no point spending your life miserable, so follow our tips, and see if we can change the way that you live your life!


Some Vitamin D

Making sure that you get some vitamin D is so important. If you’re ever feeling really low, a lot of the time vitamin D is actually the culprit, and people just don’t realize it. It’s massively linked to depression and anxiety! So, our first tip would be to book yourself just a tiny holiday to somewhere a bit warmer. Perhaps just a long weekend away. You’ve got the added bonus and excitement of knowing you’re getting away from the daily grind, and topping up your vitamin D levels in the sun can leave you happy for weeks. Just make sure that natural sunscreen so to not cause any damage to your skin. Don’t have the money to do this? Then simply get outside on a hot day. You don’t have to be soaking in the heat of the sun, you just need to be in the presence of the sun. For all of you who don’t mind this idea, you could simply buy a course on the sunbeds. If you were to go on once a week for a short length of time, the risks are dramatically reduced, but you’re still getting that artificial vitamin D that will perk you up!

A Hobby To Keep You Happy

Sometimes you just need something different in your life to keep you happy, and one great way that we think you can do that is by having a hobby. It takes your mind off daily life, gives you something different to look forward to, and allows you to do something that stimulates your mind in a different way. So, we think the best way of doing this is to do something sporty. It gets you fit, is a great way of making friends, and allows you to feel like part of a team!

Remove Negative Energy

Finally, you definitely need to make sure you’re removing any form of negative energy from your life. The more you do, the easier your life is going to become. Whether this negative energy comes from people, your work, or just the fact that you don’t feel like your life is how you wish it to be!



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