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Improving Your Posture

The following is a collaboration piece with some great advice on how to best improve your posture and prevent future struggles or back pain.


Posture is something that many of us struggle with, and unfortunately, once you start slouching and hunching over, it only gets worse. This becomes your natural standing position, and you can find standing tall or sitting straight incredibly painful. Long-term poor posture doesn’t just affect how you look. It can also lead to backaches, problems with your neck and hips weakened bones and stress. Stand up straight and improve your posture and you’ll look taller and slimmer, you’ll feel better, and your health will improve.

But, how can you improve your posture when trying to stand tall is so uncomfortable? Let’s take a look.

Change Your Furniture

A soft mattress, slouchy sofa and poorly positioned chair and desk can hurt your posture massively so make some changes. A firm and supportive mattress is essential. You spend a considerable portion of your time in bed, so make sure your back is straight and supported while you are resting, and your muscles will start to remember this shape. Invest in a firmer, high back sofa with structure instead of soft, slouchy cushions and an adequately positioned office set up.

Exercise Your Back

Exercise is always the best way to get stronger. Your back is no different, but it is an area that most of us neglect. Try exercises like the plank, swimmers, and cobras at home, take Pilates and yoga classes, go swimming and spend some time lifting weights to gain greater back strength.

Put Your Phone Down

Your neck and shoulders are as much as part of correct posture as your back itself. One of the reasons so many of us are struggling with poor posture is that we spend most of our time walking around hunched over a screen or sat at home bent over a tablet screen. Your neck quickly gets used to this position and even when you think you are stood straight, your neck could be pushed forward and your head hanging over. When you go out, leave your phone at home or in your bag, stand straight and avoid looking down at it. Then, when you get home, hold it up at eye level to avoid bending down.

Work on Your Core Strength

Your back and core muscles support each other. If you want great posture, a strong core will help you to get there. Pilates and swimming will help here too, and even something as simple as tucking your belly button in while you are walking around will help to develop your core muscles. This will make it much easier to hold correct posture throughout the day.

Check Yourself

Good posture is as much about habit as anything else. You need to get into the habit of standing up straight, and this takes time. Eventually, your body will start to do it on its own, but until then you need to keep checking yourself. Stop throughout the day and assess how you are standing. If you need to, stand straight against a wall, taking a small step out. Use this straight surface to make any corrections needed before you go on your way.

Do you have any additional methods that you use to improve your posture? Share below!


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