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Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge: Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the TIU Bikini Series Challenge had some fits and starts. I kinda-sorta blame it on the fact that at the lovely age of 33, I’ve somehow developed allergies. My congestion and overall fatigue got the best of me, so it was a “listen to your body” kind-of-week when it came to the workouts.

Temptation (i.e. anything sweet) was also lurking and preyed on me more days than not, but honestly, I feel a shift happening. I RECOGNIZED myself reaching for the “easy button” a few times, and reminded myself that I have #goals.

For example, there were days where I wanted to just quickly prep a wrap or sandwich that probably would not have been completely “TIU approved,” BUT I took extra steps to make a salad or create a snack that indeed followed the guidelines of the meal plan. In the end, I was satisfied, full, content, and super happy to have pushed the “not-so-easy button.”

Another highlight of the week was to document the fit of the black shorts below. These shorts are one of the FEW items that still remain in my closet from pre-kids. Heck, they’re even pre-wedding! I’ve tried them on over the course of the years, and RARELY have I been able to make them fit, let alone in a way that I’d wear them in public.

I feel like these are the true progress-trackers for this challenge. Yes, I can button them, they look ehhh at 7 a.m. (pre-breakfast), but my hope is that I’ll be able to rock them proudly by the end of the next six weeks! We shall see!!


End of Week 2 Check-in:

Workouts= 5/7

Meal Plan= followed it about 75% of the time. The weekend and ice cream got me BAD!

Water=Β 48 -56 oz per day. (This is my main focus this week. Gotta get these numbers UP!)

Running=Β 1x

Yoga= 1x

Journal= 6/7 days

TIU checkin= Awesome and encouraging check-ins with my partner. This week definitely want to reach out of my comfort zone and encourage other fellow #tiumoms!

Weight= 135lbs

My goals for Week 3 are:

  1. Increase my weight with the daily moves when and where I can.
  2. Less coffee, more H2O.
  3. Go VEGAN for the entire week and note how I feel.

Can’t wait to keep at it in Week 3!!!



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