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Simple stress busters

The following is a collaboration piece with some great, simple tips on how to handle stress. 

Life is good. Life has things like rainbows and sunny days and colorful flowers and children’s laughter and unicorns, all of which add to the fact life is incredible. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect. Nothing is. But especially not life. There are so many little cracks in its flawless demeanor.

Bills keep arriving in your letterbox, you’re working late more often than not, an insurance company is refusing to pay out for something that seems so obvious, your local store has run out of your favorite ice cream and everyone on Instagram seems to be living the high life. The point is, life can be super-stressful and, worse than this, it can feel like there is nothing you can do about it.

But there is.

So, without further ado, here are some amazing stress-busters you need to know about because, let’s be honest, life is going to get stressful again at some point or another.

  1. Get Up And Out

Exercise isn’t going to cure all your migraines or force your stress to entirely evaporate, but it will help you release some of that pent-up emotion that’s been fogging up your brain for way too long. It could be a gentle jog, a brief walk or a hardcore trip to the gym; a dollop of exercise helps us clear our thoughts and that’s what helps us deal with our problems in a calmer way.

  1. Take Back Control

No matter how complicated, overwhelming or desperate the situation may be, there is always a way of taking back control. However, it requires believing this instead of passively thinking you can’t do anything. If it’s an insurance company refusing to pay out, then go to today and see if they can remedy your situation. If it’s the fact your local shop has run out of your favorite ice cream, phone the next nearest shop, check they have it and get your bike out of the shed. That feeling of having no control is stressful, whereas taking back control is empowering.

  1. Surrounded In Support

A lot of the time, stress builds up because we can only see the situation from one point of view. That’s where a supportive network swoops in wearing a bright red cape because friends, family, siblings, colleagues, they can all point a different spin on it. It’s not just that, but being lonely is not good for stress. We need friends and family and whatnot to help us relax. These are the people that manage to make us smile, which is an excellent stress reliever.

  1. Me Time Is Magic

When you’re a kid, life is great because it is nothing but me time. But then you become an adult and your life quickly feels like it is entirely about your job or parenthood. That’s a stressful transition. To counter this, create time to do the things you really enjoy doing. Our advice: set aside two evenings a week and bookmark them so that you know these are the days you have for some me time.

What’s your favorite way or best tool to relieve stress?


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