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Merriest of Christmases to YOU!

How has this beautiful and joyful day been for you? Did Santa bring you everything you hoped for? Were you able to spend time with family or chat from afar?

Today has been pretty magical around our household. Santa was very kind to all of us this year, and he did especially well with our lil crazies, as they’ve barely come up for air from playing. Nothing like seeing Christmas through their eyes!

However, what makes this year beyond magical for me is being completely present. Last year, I was so hungover that we turned it into a “Sunday Funday” just to make it through the excitement. Although I did not blackout, all the details of the day are quite fuzzy. Very few memories standout besides the thirst I had to stay buzzed all day.

On Christmas Eve, I distinctly remember counting down the minutes in church to return home and uncork a bottle of wine. Christmas was coming! So why not celebrate ASAP?

That night turned into a sloppy mess, and I got too drunk to finish building our daughter’s dollhouse. Oh, the shame I felt the next morning when we couldn’t present a complete, sturdy dreamhouse. And the lies were pathetic, too, as to why it was not complete. (i.e. “Santa must’ve gotten lazy!” TRUTH: Santa is a drunk).

But this year, it’s been wonderful and SO memorable! I awoke before anyone else, and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee. When the first kiddo awoke, I got my husband out of bed. Together, we woke the other two kids. I hit record on the camera, and the morning went as smoothly as one could hope with a five, four, and two-year-old drooling for presents!

And now, as everyone naps off the adrenaline rush of the new bikes, clothes, gadgets, tents, dolls, and Paw Patrol galore, I’m sitting quietly, reflecting.

I feel good.

I feel happy.

I feel blessed.

I feel at peace.

I’m not thirsty (well, that’s a lie… I’m about to make an afternoon cup of coffee.. haha!).

You get what I mean, though, right? I’m here, folks! 100%, and it’s the most incredible feeling EVER, especially as I compare it to a year ago!

Part of this reflection, though, is how much YOU mean to me. Whether you’re following my journey as a dear friend, family member, pervious co-worker, family friend, sober sister or brother, fellow blogger, or someone seeking hope, YOU mean SO much to me. YOU have helped me more than you could ever know. YOU have impacted my soul in the best of ways, and simply put, I’m grateful for YOU! YOU ARE A GIFT!ย 

Well on that quick note of gratitude, I’m off to sip on my coffee and soak up the rest of this happy holiday. Hope you all have the merriest of days!

May God bless you!

Christmas Eve 2017
Bikes were the BIG gifts this year!ย 
Because every little kid needs a trike…
Spoiled by the hubs- wireless massager, workout clothes, kettlebell, meal prep containers, and a griddle!

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