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My top 7: fitness gear for at-home workouts

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I only share products I genuinely love and actively use in my life.ย 


Years ago (pre-kids) I was introduced to the idea of solely working out at-home, and I fell in love with it! Cheap, efficient, and you can simply roll out of bed to get it done (while in your pjs, even). However, our family’s budget does not afford us the luxury of a fancy at-home gym, so I’ve learned to improvise with a variety of fitness gear.

Below are my favorite gadgets and gizmos that help me the most in my fitness journey.

  1. Push-up handles-ย If your wrists have ever hurt you after doing a few push-ups or planks, these are a god-sent! Plus, they give you more range of motion.


2. Bowflex Select Tech weights- Hands down, the best investment we’ve ever made when it comes to our equipment! Seriously, if we have a house fire, these bad boys are coming with me! These crazy-looking weights range from 5lbs-52.5 lbs all at the turn of a dial, and they take up very little space. Love, love, LOVE them!

3. Yoga mat– Whether you’re a yogi or not, mats are always a good idea. While working out on a carpet or hardwood floor is nice, sometimes you need a little grip. Plus, they give any room a pop of color! ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Heart Rate Monitor– Seeing how hard my heart is working, as well as how many calories I’m burning, is extremely motivating to me. I used to solely rely on apps like MyFitnessPal to tell me what I had burned-off in my sweat sesh, but a heart rate monitor is way more accurate. It also keeps a log of your previous sessions and numbers.

5. Kettle bell– I recently decided I wanted to invest in a kettlebell (or two) but freaked at some of the prices. However, why buy one or two when you can have three-in-one for a pinch of the price?!? Found this little gem, which costs about the same as one kettlebell! Similar to the Select Tech weights, you can easily switch between weights with a twist of the handle. Love it!

6. Fitbit– Fitbits have been my friends for years! I’ve owned three, and they keep getting better and better. Seeing your daily activity and having a step-goal really does help you to get moving throughout the day. My second favorite feature is the sleep tracker. Since becoming a mom, I value any sort of quality sleep I can get, so the Fitbit helps to break down when that is achieved.

7. Resistance bands- Pull-ups have never been my favorite thing, but sign me up any day for imitating the motion with a heavy resistance band secured in a door. Resistance bands have a plethora of exercise options, and they’re super easy to store. Plus, these little suckers can be harder than they appear, so you can rest assure they’ll get the job done if these were the only resistance option you had.


Other helpful tools I use include…


What are your favorite at-home workout essentials? I’d love to know (so perhaps I can ask Santa for one, too)!



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