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Fitness keeps me sober (and happy)

If you follow me on Instagram (@fromwine2fine) or my Facebook page (From Wine to Fine), you’ll see I’ve been posting a lot of fitness photos as of late. That’s because part of my self-care regimen is working out. I go to the gym. I workout at home. I go for (very short) runs. I take my youngest for strolls. I just get to moving (and lifting heavy things)!

On days that I don’t workout, I find myself to be quite edgy, emotional, and uber sensitive. (Sorry, fam!) I feel like I’m missing something and just feel “off.”

Over the years, people have questioned how I was able to complete a masters, work, mom, wife AND still have time to workout?

Wanna know my secret?? It might blow your mind…

I make the time. 

Health and fitness are really important to me, like really important. Cancer, high blood pressure, depression, alcoholism, high cholesterol, and other health issues run deep in my family. So being proactive to avoiding any and all is a must!

Plus, living a healthy lifestyle aids in my sobriety.

When I was drinking (well, more so when I was on a bender), I skipped tons of workouts. The booze would convince me that drinking was easier than doing 30-60 minutes of endorphin-pumping movements. The booze would tell me to eat all the pizza, eat all the cheeseburgers, eat all the fried foods. The booze would trick me into thinking I was slimming down because of my dehydrated appearance in the a.m. or because I I was solely on a “liquid” diet. (Yes, the drinking got that bad, sometimes).

On top of that, my mental state would suffer.  When I’d workout slightly hungover, I wasn’t capable of giving each workout my all. I’d just go through the motions to check-off a workout, but I didn’t feel the high like I do when I’m sober and reach new goals.

So now that I’m almost seven months dry, I realize more than ever just how much health and fitness mean to me. Trying new workouts, doing them consistently, consuming a balanced diet, seeing and feeling physical changes (like 15 lbs worth) is FAR more rewarding than numbing myself with a bottle of red.

Both lifestyles are hard (at times), but I’d much rather….

stress about meal prep vs. stress about my next drink

→ workout at 4 a.m. and feel awesome all day vs. fill my day with excuses of why I can’t workout

→ deal with muscle soreness from a tough workout vs. deal with a hangover

→ whine about working out vs. apologize for my wine-induced behavior

→have my pants feel tight because I’m finally growing a butt vs. growing a gut

Truth-be-told, exercise is my antidepressant. It calms me and boosts the happy chemicals that I’m sure alcohol depleted over the years. I feel my absolute best- like I can take on the world-after an early-morning workout, even if that feeling immediately turns into kid-inspired stress.

Health and fitness make me genuinely happy. I don’t dread this lifestyle or see it as a chore. I see it as a way to better myself, challenge myself, protect myself, and keep me sober. And as of late, I’m pondering an idea of how I might be able to spread my ever-growing passion and pay-it-forward to others who might need the boost, too.

We shall see, though. But for now, I leave you with some before-and-afters to share just how good sobriety has been for my mind, body, and soul.

Final drinking days in January 2017 vs. July 2017


Final drinking days in January 2017 vs. July 2017
Final drinking days in January 2017 vs. July 2017
Pictures on the Left– Drinking days. Pictures on the Right– over 200 days sober!







1 thought on “Fitness keeps me sober (and happy)”

  1. Seriously, this is inspiring to me. All my life I was built like you on the right …now I’m built like you on the left. What a transformation! I can’t understand why vanity hasn’t pushed me harder to stop drinking and get back to myself. You look great and happy!

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