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10 little pieces of me

What little quirks do you love about yourself? What little random facts, experiences, and qualities do you hold near and dear to yourself? Could you make an on-the-spot list?

I asked myself these same questions the other day, which led me to the exercise of crafting my own list. Now, I share that inventory with you…

  1. I am a morning person. Bring on the 4 a.m. alarm and coffee, and watch me GO!
  2. I have a fake tooth on my bottom front row. As a kid, when I lost those teeth, one never grew back. The orthodontist thought it would be a great idea to pull the space apart rather than close it (OUCH!). Then the pseudo-tooth was set in place when I was 15. I’ve had the same one ever since!
  3. I sleep with a stuffed giraffe named “Georgie.” Georgie was gifted to me circa the release of the original Lion King movie and instantly became my fav! (I’ll let you do the math on Georgie’s age). I promise, its not the emotional connection to him (well, maybe partly) but the fact that clutching him in a choke-hold helps me to fall fast asleep. No tennis elbow for me!
  4. I’m banned from working in South Korea. Back in 2008 when I was the lovely age of 23 and free, I taught English in Seoul for roughly 8 months. Submerging myself into another culture was incredible, but unfortunately I worked for a devilish Korean lady. I decided to break my year-long contract for good reason and booked a flight home ASAP. I went to work on a Monday and flew home that Tuesday with my middle-finger up to my boss B. Never can I work for the Won…EVER AGAIN.
  5. My name was almost Isadora rather than Alison. My mom tells me the story of how she wanted to name me after the famous American dancer, Isadora Duncan, but went with Alison at the last minute. My mom and I later used her name for two of our kitties- Izzy and Dora.
  6. The sound of a can of biscuit dough bursting gets me every time! My husband learned early to always let me open packaged biscuits, croissants, etc. You know, the cylinder ones where you peel off the top layer, press down on the dotted line until POP! Makes me jump and giggle like it’s the first time, every time!
  7. I went to college with the dream of starting my own women’s magazine. Pilates was ramping up at this time, as was my interest into fitness and mental health. The name I decided upon was “CORE Magazine,” as it seemed to encompass the idea that everything starts from within, the core of us. Somehow my interests drifted more into mental health and helping teens, which is why I pursued a masters in school counseling. Maybe someday I’ll get back to my CORE plan.
  8. Chewed-up gum gives me the heebie-jeebies! I can’t chew it. The sight of it gives me chills. The thought of people holding onto a piece for later chewing pleasure makes me want to faint. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
  9. I have four tattoos and have had many piercings.  On my left hip you’ll find a sun/heart because my nickname was “Sparkling Sunshine,” and I’m a helpless romantic. There’s a butterfly on my foot because people always said I was “Social Butterfly.” In Thailand, I had the word “Passion” placed on my right wrist, in English, because writing is a passion of mine. Then, most recently I took my tattoo-free husband to his first experience in a tattoo parlor to have a symbolic “Faith, Hope, and Love” placed on my left forearm. The piercings, well, let’s just say I had some fun in my late teens, early twenties.
  10. I am the dork who LOVES puns or any kind of play on words. Entertaining me comes quite easily! Cheese Pun

I challenge you to create your own list. It’s quite fun to figure out what makes you YOU and piece together the amazing, unique, imperfect (yet perfect) person you are!


2 thoughts on “10 little pieces of me”

  1. When I started massage school and thinking of my own business it was going to be enCORE massage, but then I realized the mistake that would have been!
    I can see you having a really bad day and Shane bringing home bags full of pillsbury biscuits!! Lol

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