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150 days and counting…



One hundred and fifty days of pure freedom!

Free from a.m. apologies.

Free from plotting and planning on how and when I’ll get my next bottle.

Free from wondering if we have more.

Free from feeling guilty.

Free from questioning my actions.

Free from blackouts.

Free from being judged.

Free from the voice of “just one more…”.

Free from waking up feeling like death.

Free from being forced to skip workouts because of a hangover.

Free from making drunken food choices.

Free from benders.

Free from the cycle of fending off withdrawal.

Free from shaky hands.

Free from booze-induced bloat.

Free from shame.

Free from temptation.

Free from an inauthentic life.

This list could go on-and-on, and it should because it’s these positive affirmations that remind me that I made the best choice for ME. Because of this life decision, I…

Feel all the feels.

Stay present in the moments.

Wake up super early to workout and take on the day.

Get sh** done!

Read all the books.

Think before I speak.

Enjoy the good and bad of motherhood like I should.

Wife better.

PRAY more often.

Live authentically.

Today, and every new day that arrives, I am more and more grateful for this difficult, empowering, and liberating journey. I’m grateful for this life.ย 

One hundred and fifty days and counting…






2 thoughts on “150 days and counting…”

  1. I am very proud of you, Alison! What a tough thing to do and you have overcome so much! One day at a time and let go and let God! I love you!โค๏ธ


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