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Why I’m on this journey…

Wifey. Mommy (of three). School counselor. Fitness fanatic. Sober irish(wo)man.

Of those life titles, “Fitness Fanactic” is the only one I ever foresaw myself becoming.

Growing up, I dreamt of falling in love with Prince Charming but for some reason marrying him was not in the picture. I pretended to be a mom to my dolls and stuffed animals, but I hated real-life kids. Friends, sometimes strangers, seemed to spill their guts to me without any hesitation, yet I had no clue my empathy skill was the foundation of a professional career. Fitness, well, let’s just say I’ve been in-tune with that world since a brief eating disorder turned into healthy-ish living.

Oh, and I’m 50 percent Irish, and I’m sober.

Alcohol and a couple of “extracurricular” escapisms crept into my life early, and like most who have struggled with any sort of addiction, my LOVE for the booze gradually snowballed. However, I’m proud to say that my FINAL wall was hit by said snowball this past January (you can read the full story HERE). After I came-to, I, myself, comprehensively admitted that I needed to break up with the bottles.

To be most successful with any kind of recovery, the desire must come from within. As I’ll share in future posts, I have dabbled with soberness here-and-there over the last couple of years, but for all the wrong reasons.

I did it for my kids.

I did it for my marriage.

I did it to fix what I had broken amongst close friends.

This time, it’s all for me. If I do it for me, than I can take on my titles (minus the school counselor, as I’ve recently decided to stay home with my kids full-time) without all the additives of alcohol. I can live life the way I want and to my fullest desire.

As I seem to be saying more and more, I’m genuinely on a journey of living sober and living free!

Captured on Day 128, as I noticed that the sparkle in my eyes has returned!




2 thoughts on “Why I’m on this journey…”

  1. Alison, I am so proud of you. I have a close family member who is in AA & recovery. God will help you in this process. I am here for you, let me know if I can do anything for you?
    Your Aunt Pauline โ™ก
    email address;


    1. You are the sweetest, Aunt Pauline! Thank you!! Definitely leaning on God, as well as the love and support I’ve been receiving from family and friends. Xoxox!!


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