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Mocktail of the month (February)

As mentioned in a previous post, life has been BUSY! I've been skirting by with certain tasks, doing the bare minimum, which sadly has included food and beverage prep. So this month's mocktail is one that was created completely on a whim with what was lying around or breeching expiration in our kitchen. I'm proud… Continue reading Mocktail of the month (February)

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Coping with a stressful season… sober.

Lately life has been BUSY! Like too busy. After I got done doing all my cartwheels from celebrating my first year of sobriety, I sat back down to reality---> stay-at-home-mom life + intermittent single-mom-mode + three BRUTAL courses for my current masters program. Folks, I've been on the STRUGGLE BUS! Don't panic, though! Booze is… Continue reading Coping with a stressful season… sober.

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How to host a Soberversary Party!

WOW! I'm still in awe of how much LOVE and support I received the other day as I hit my one-year soberversary! The sweet words, flowers, phone calls, texts... ❤ I'm one lucky gal to be surrounded by so many incredible souls! But my celebrations did not stop there... I decided that the best way… Continue reading How to host a Soberversary Party!

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What I’ve learned in my first year of sobriety…

Holy sh*t!?! I DID IT!!! I've gone 365 days without a SINGLE DROP OF AlCOHOL! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I could go this long without my sweet escape, my crutch, my friend- but I sure did! And I'm just so dang happy because of it! Truth be known this was no… Continue reading What I’ve learned in my first year of sobriety…

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Marriage. Soberly Divided: Part II

Recently a dear sober sister- Ashley from Bloomin' Ash - asked me to serve as a guest blogger. I was absolutely tickled, as she's been an inspiration to me from the start of my journey. Seriously, this chick is so real, so strong, and so funny! You MUST check her out and follow, as she provides great… Continue reading Marriage. Soberly Divided: Part II